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Take a look around, we think you’ll agree – there is no better vacation investment option.

Here are a few key insights to help you better understand the current marketplace:

Equity Estates versus Second Homes

There’s no need to be tied down to the cost, upkeep and management of a single vacation home when you can choose from a portfolio of sixty-plus Equity Estates residences. Think about it. You and your family can enjoy luxurious homes around the world for a fraction of the price of owning just one while still enjoying any appreciation.

Equity Estates versus Five-Star Hotels

Even the top-rated resorts and hotels can’t match the size and comfort of our luxury private residences. Once you pay for a stay at a resort, your money is gone. Equity Estates offers the opportunity to enjoy actual asset appreciation while vacationing in magnificent homes that you own.

Equity Estates versus Travel & Destination Clubs

Every other club out there can show you beautiful homes in beautiful locations – but none can offer you the security of true ownership and long term consistency. With Equity Estates, you’ll invest in unique, one-of-a-kind residences that don’t fit into the “cookie-cutter” cliché vacation home model of larger mass-market clubs that have ever-changing inventory of leased homes.

Open Book Policy

80% of our capital contributions are deposited into a real estate acquisition account. (Typical fractional or destinations clubs deploy 50% or less.) The remaining 20% of capital contributions are held in an operating account to fund sales, marketing, legal and other syndication-related expenses. Equity Estates is committed and legally bound to full financial transparency, with annual audits and appraisals shared with all members. This is something most travel and destinations clubs avoid.

Continuous Communication

Our management team is committed to constant communication with investors regarding all aspects of their membership interest. We conduct detailed service-related surveys after every trip, and we are constantly asking for investor's preferences as to desired destinations. In those other vacation clubs, you're just a number, "now serving member 3,961" - at Equity Estates, our investors are trusted partners…and treated as such.

Request a free copy of our Vacation Investment Guide.  It’s a comprehensive resource that defines and explains the luxury second home alternative market in detail.

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