Our Mission and Values

As fiduciaries, we are passionate and committed to our investors. Our private offering memorandum spells out our business plan and how money is to be used.

Some members refer to the fund as a vacation home cooperative, as shared costs are what they are, with no mark-up. Although we are in the hospitality and real estate business, we are not motivated or compensated to put “heads in beds” or sell out every night. We purposely underutilize our homes so that our investors can enjoy them.

We offer a unique asset class that attracts smart investors who appreciate the benefits of fund ownership.

Our investors appreciate the way we do business as we:

  • Align the interests among all stakeholders
  • Follow strict use of proceeds governance, including very limited debt
  • Offer financial transparency with annual audits
  • Have a guaranteed liquidity plan based on the sales of the homes
  • Deliver outstanding vacation experiences with personalized concierge support
  • Constantly look for ways to improve and welcoming feedback

Imagine, Wherever You Travel, You’re Home.

This website is designed to offer owners and guests of owners certain information about our real estate investment fund and its portfolio of private homes. Investments in Equity Estates are only available to accredited investors. This is not an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities.